What if you could attract energetically matched clients who see your soul’s work as an equal energy exchange they’re excited to make?

Copywriting and messaging strategy for soulful baddies. EVEN IF you don’t sell giant Stripe wins…you deserve words that accurately encapsulate the soulful transformations you catalyze to activate those “I love your vibe, I wanna pay in full” clients.


Soulful Baddie

You’re someone that *never* really fit the mold. You’re soulful not spiritual. You’re a fiery red and lavender haze violet not pastel. You’re rebellious but at the same time soft. And THIS is exactly why your soulmate clients can’t stop gushing about you in their retreats because to them you’re the BEST thing to happen since Oracle Cards. Don’t be surprised, if you find that they have a special folder for every single post and email you release into the wild because you make them feel like you’re reading out of their journal.  

Client love I ugly cried to


it’s possible to attract high-caliber clients even if the results you provide aren’t Voxer screenshots of how much moolah they’ve made.

And I get it.


When your offer doesn’t provide those typical money-centric over-promises we’re all so sick of likeeee “attract $100k in sales in 100 days”


… authentically expressing what you do in a way that moves high caliber clients into inspired action can feel like doing a Crane pose. 


And hella frustrating when your soul’s work is to help folks through massive LIFE transformations (that are arguably WAY more important) like…


Getting over their exes

Building their confidence

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Embodying their authentic self

Finding their soul’s purpose

Building solid AF mindset


I see you.


There’s a way through the writer’s block that makes your offer crazy compelling (without needing the braggy money numbers).


And I’m here to change that.

Enter my…

Selfishly Expressed Method™

When I combine your unique self-expression, your audience’s language + marketing psychology, these three can have the potency to…

🍄 Inspire out of the blue “I just found you 10 seconds ago” soulmate clients (that *actually* does the work), paying-in-full to work with your woo


🍄 Quiet the “I feel like a carbon copy of my coach” noise because now you know *exactly* how to articulate the brilliance of your soul’s work


🍄Propel you to the top of their mind and be the FIRST person they think of when they need a soulful baddie like you


🍄 Pull you out of “I don’t have anything interesting to say”.com because now you know exactly which parts of your story you’ve embodied 


🍄 Catalyze your confidence that your copy is handled by a soulful copywriter that’s ready to fully witness you, and pull out the stories that you’re here to share

If that has your heart fluttering in a “I just came from a kundalini class” kinda way, read on coz….

I’ve got a few ideas…

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re in a chokehold everytime you want to post your unfiltered thoughts because you don’t know how to relate back your off the cuff riff to your audience. Enter my 21 Day Content Challenge + Somatic Dance Party to activate your version of being unfiltered and *actually* get hired for it.

Wanna work together in creating a simple AF content strategy that bridges the gap between being able to show up as YOU and also call in your “I love your vibe!” clients on repeat? Did I mention you also get a somatic dance sesh with my personal healer to unleash that stuck “should” energy that you’ve been holding on to?

Love writing but  feeling misunderstood because you struggle to articulate the impact of your sensuality healing, mindset, somatic work, breathwork, EFT coaching that you provide. Especially when the shifts you create are more transformations of the soul? Get your own playbook of headlines, hooks, crossheads and powerful one-liners that make your offer tangible to your “link pls!” soul-aligned clients.

Sales page copy for soulful baddies that are breaking up with tire-kicking “save me” clients because they’re ready to magnetize high caliber clients that are EXCITED to take accountability and show up for the giant investment they just made with you.


Ready to sing along to this song?

🎵 With every paper cut scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a woman as myyy copywriter…🎵

Pop your self-expression cherry 🍒

Learning how to be unapologetically YOU online and STILL attract your soulmate clients is going to require a dash of courage and maybe dancing to Taylor Swift songs. 

Word on the street is…